Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold as the Coldest Winter was Cold

Something happened in Charlotte this week: it got to be really flipping cold. Not that it never gets cold down here. Most every year, we get nights in the 20s... in February.

It has rarely been this cold in Charlotte this early in the year. So cold that, tomorrow, I am going to be able to ski in North Carolina.

There were snow flurries in North Charlotte yesterday morning.

Normally, people down here bitch about the cold weather. Maybe it's because it's already Christmas around here, but people are loving the cold weather.

That said, on a chilly walk last night, we saw that one family in the neighborhood already has Christmas lights up. I'm talking the full effect here: animatronic reindeer, light-up snowmen, trees with lights... even sign on the mailbox that says "Letter Snow." Hee.

We'll see how long the cold spell really lasts... right now, it looks like for a good bit. And if gets too warm here in Charlotte, I can always look here to feel a little chill.

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