Sunday, November 16, 2008

Disoriented Tuning

Around here, we've got DirecTV. DirecTV's insistence on treating customers like human beings as apposed to other digital TV providers sets it apart. Thems the facts.

One of the bonuses with DirecTV is that you get all kinds of XM channels, which, believe it or not, we use often. I don't think I would ever purchase satellite radio on my own for, say, my car, but it's nice to have in the house.

Doing housework? I always turned to Lucy, the "classic alternative" option. Or I could have put on "Ethel," Lucy's edgier younger sister. Sophisticated dinner? Jazz channel.

This morning, however, was the first time I'd dialed up our music all week and... remember those news reports about the Sirius/XM merger? And how you didn't care because you didn't have satellite radio and it doesn't affect your life?

Yeah. Apparently it affects mine.

ALL my stations (and their corresponding channels) are different. Like, now I'm listening to "Lithium" instead of "Lucy." And, really, they sound the same, but on my Sunday morning, when it's 12:30 and I haven't bothered to even brush my teeth yet, this isn't the kind of challenge I'm looking for. Much less a challenge that involves going to a channel and hearing "classic country." I like me some pedal steel, but...

As always, advance warning would be nice in these situations.

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