Friday, November 14, 2008

Seeing Blue

When I left New York City, a lot of people made comments that were not exactly the kind that help unify. Mainly it was "How are you going to deal with all those Republicans?"

Soon enough I will rant on here about some of the ultra-right folks down here, but today, I want to point out that, pretty much officially now, North Carolina voted for a democrat for president.

If you had told me this when I left NYC, I would have thought it not only wishful thinking, but an unrealistic statement. I had thought no way, no how; we are too divided on social issues.

I guess a rough economy can do weird things. Certainly, immigrants from New York and Pennsylvania helped "swing" North Carolina. But lots of rural voters went for Obama.

I try to see myself as a moderate and it's stories like that one there that give me some hope that the way we get stereotyped isn't reality. That we still do think for ourselves now and then, not just what the TV talkers tell us to think.

Because if that's the case, were in better shape than many have led us to believe.

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