Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bus

More than a few things have been afoot in the three months since this blog was updated. Shame on me, I suppose. The sad part: it hasn't been from lack of topics. From rants to travel to travel rants and whatnot, I'm often hit with ideas. I should make a note to write them down (which, incidentally, jotting such a reminder would require I have some sort of habit of writing these sorts of things down anyhow).

All I've been up to is working like crazy, traveling a bunch (including to Prague) and moving from a downtown apartment to a lovely craftsman-style house in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood.

One thing this has changed is my commute. No longer do I walk out the front door, hang two rights and, voila, end up at work. Instead, I am among the masses riding the bus into town.

I will always love the time I got to walk to work. But I forgot how much I enjoy mass transit.