Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm one of those annoying people that always knows where I'm going. I mean this literally. I pick up directions very quickly and if I've driven someplace once, I can do it forever.

I read maps well (and this is great since I have Google Maps on my Blackberry at any moment) and, when in doubt, I always go online to get directions someplace.

I realize not everyone is like this. Today, though, a colleague of mine was going to the same event I was going to and ended up missing her turn. And she picked up on this 15 miles later.

I'm not saying we should all judge her. This happens to people. A lot. I get calls from friends who are so far gone off the path they should be on (and they call me because they know I'm an atlas) that it amazes me.

I guess what I really don't get in all this is that I know several people that get themselves more lost than they need to be when they're lost.

Take my colleague from today. She knew she was lost. Why not stop? I know for a fact the road she was on has gas stations, supermarkets, etc. In other words, why end up driving a total of 30 miles because you're lost? What I'm saying is, if you know your meeting is in, say, Cleveland and you drive into Cleveland and then see a sign that says "Welcome to Westlake," that's a sign you missed Cleveland. STOP already.

But I know TONS of people who do this. A group of college students was heading to a conference I attended last fall. The conference was in Chapel Hill. They realized they missed Chapel Hill when... THEY ENTERED VIRGINIA. Go on Google Maps right now and search Chapel Hill, NC. Now scroll north (that's "up") and see where Virginia is.

Anyhow, this is a public service message to all of you. When you get the inkling you are lost, unless you are on a street where you think there are guns, just stop.

And, I guess, call me.

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Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha- I totes call you all the time when I am lost! You're very good at finding lost people.
Speaking of Lost, New episodes start on the 21st!!!!!!!!!