Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Regional delicacies... indeed

One of my readers asked for a new blog post. That's a solid 20%-25% of the readership (hey, prove me wrong in the comments). So...

Just got back from a trip to Baltimore/Washington. In fact, today was the third time I've found myself in BWI airport in as many months. But today was the first time I was able to have crab in Maryland in years. WIN. The thing is, anymore, the crabs you get in Baltimore aren't from the Bay. There is a long, unfortunate story about why. That said, regardless, Maryland people know how to cook them some crab. Ate lunch today at G&M Restaurant in Linthicum, MD. Ridiculously huge crab cakes made of generous lumps of crabmeat. Old Bay? Oh yes.

Got me thinking... what food MUST I have when I travel someplace? Some thoughts:

  • Pizza in New York City - While I have found fantastic pizza in the South - some as good as NYC's - there's still something about grabbing a slice in some standing-only place in Manhattan. Also, many pizza places in NYC (like Bravo on 6th Ave.) have $1.50 tap beer. So... price of a slice? $2. Beer? $1.50. Lunch for that little including alcohol? Priceless.
  • Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago - I am firmly a member of the cadre of Gino's East. And anyone who FedEx-s me a pizza from there will be in my will. It may not be something big, but still... in the will. Unless you act like a schmuck about it.
  • Lobster in Maine - Self-explanatory
  • Crepes in Quebec - This place in Magog, QC is something else. Rather francophone, if you can manage to order clearly, your payoff is an outstanding all-crepe meal. All kinds of crepes. It's amazing. And not something you can really get in the U.S.
  • Soup in a bread bowl in San Francisco - Yes. I am a tourist. This still rules.
  • BBQ in Texas - I thought Stubb's was the best until I tried The Salt Lick. I barely posses words to discuss this place. The brisket. I would kill for that brisket right now. You can smell this place a mile down the road.
I'm sure there are more out there. Cheese steaks in Philly. Grouper in Tampa. Let's have them folks!


Calliope said...

My faves

Chicago dogs in Chicago

Pizza cheese squeaks in Wisconsin

Tex Mex in Texas

And, more locally: Pittsburgh salads (a bed of lettuce with fries, cheese, meat, hardboiled eggs and ranch dressing) and Primanti Bros.

Bill Lysse said...

Having lived in Baltimore and looking to move back North, I agree about the crabs. Crab cakes should be jumbo lump crab, Old Bay, and some spices........no filler!! The Baltimorians get it right.

The Salt Lick is the bomb for BBQ. Their smoke pit in the kitchen is the size of a large master bedroom!

Have to go with cheesesteaks in Philly.

Anytime I am in Germany, I must go to a street vendor and get some sausage and mashed potatoes and kraut.

Loved the escargot in France....expertly seasoned like no places in the states.

Kyle said...

Beef on weck in Buffalo; Spiedies in Binghamton, N.Y.; a Hot Brown in Louisville, Ky. Pittsburgh also touts a chipped-ham sandwich; there's a place in New Jersey famous for deep frying hot dogs.

My knowledge is pretty much limited to the northeast, particularly New York. Sorry. I've also heard Wiconsin folks bake apple pies in brown paper bags, though I've never tried it.

Just never, ever eat scrapple or Rocky Mountain oysters. Ingesting those foods, not swearing, is why we say, "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"