Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ad Season is Coming!

Like many of you, dear readers, I am excited for the start of the annual NFL season. Let's be honest, of all of America's professional games, this is the one people really wouldn't want to do without. It's compact 17 weeks of regular season play. The regularity of its schedule. It's easy to plan around and, almost always, filled with the kind of drama that you don't need ESPN to point out... the season is that good.

This means Kissing Suzy Kolber will kick into high gear, fantasy teams will be selected and then bitched about... but it also means (gulp) advertisements. With the economy in a rut, it's likely fewer ads will be made, meaning we're bound to see the same ones over and over again. Heaven. Help. Us. I yearn for the day when games go commercial-free, a la international soccer.

Until that fine day, I am stuck. Now, some ads, I can tolerate. Like Coors Light's ads where they take old coaches press conferences and splice in new questions. These are good only because watching coaches act like buffoons doesn't get old:

Now, while I can enjoy those, the issue is that we will be subjected to terrible ads over and over again. Who's ready for Howie Long telling you that your pansy Toyota truck is no match for his Chevy?

But the all time worst... STILL thanks to Chevy:

WHOSE country is it? Can you tell? I am pleased to see that this ad campaign is so reviled that there are more parodies than legit versions on YouTube. Amen for small miracles.

Anyhow, this is the price we pay for the NFL... i must really like the game to endure it all, huh?

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