Saturday, May 15, 2010

Panic! Says... anybody?

Have you heard? People are quitting Facebook in droves! I was's lead story Thursday! Let's see:

Concerns over Facebook's new privacy policy and the online social network's recent efforts to spread its information across the Web have led some of the site's faithful to delete their accounts

Whoa! That's a big development. Tell me... how big is this trend?

It's unclear how many people have chosen to delete their Facebook accounts in recent weeks.


Seriously? We can now report on trends with no quantitative backing in reality? Awesome. Looking forward to the following headlines:

  • Fewer eating at McDonald's. You can just tell.
  • More people than ever sleeping on their backs, says guy who thinks it's comfy
  • Everyone agrees my blog is the best blog ever. Because.
It's a great day for journalism.

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