Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tune Day: Not Classical, But Maybe Classic

I'm not very smart, so it took me until Daft Punk's Discovery for me to see the similarities between "techno" and classical music. Songs with a variety of layers, instruments (and by that I mean anything making a noise) and themes-counterthemes that established by songs. I've often been surprised how some who love traditional classical music don't get into electronic music more. I guess, for some people, it's more about how the music is being played than how it sounds.

That said, I can absolutely understand that it is something of an acquired taste to sort through the tweaks and bleeps and train your ear on the themes and melodies in the music of someone like Dan Deacon.

I have read very little on Mr. Deacon. I know he's based in Baltimore. Apparently, his live performances are quite the spectacle. What I know for sure, is that his new album Bromst is absolutely one of the better records I've heard this year. And it's every bit complex as a symphony.

Snookered - Dan Deacon

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