Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cat Update and more...

OK, first off... the cat. The cat was spotted on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control adoption Web site and was only up there for about a day. Plenty of other cats have remained on there, so we can safely assume this cat has found a new home that is not under my out-front shrubbery. You can all rest that much more soundly, dear readers. :-)

In the meantime, it hit my house last night... by "it," I mean fall. Came home with some friends, got out the fall candles and the like. Even changed the Facebook profile photo to my October avatar.

What's the best about this time of year, though... the smells. I mean it. Beyond the Yankee Candle Harvest scent... this is the time of year to get the spices out.

Last night, that meant a fresh batch of molasses cookies. I use the King Arthur flour recipe for these and, year after year, I am convinced they are the perfect cookie.

  • They smell outstanding. That house-filling smell of spice.
  • They look like a cookie. I mean, these come out of the oven and cool and end up looking like something you would buy in a store... minus the preservatives and all that jazz of packaged cookies.
  • They are the perfect consistency. Soft, chewy... they're damn perfect cookies, I'm telling you.
My wife has decreed that she "needs to make pumpkin bread today." I have two killer gingerbread recipes. I've got a rack-full of spices.

My house... gonna be smelling good through about Jan. 1.

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