Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A quick clarification

CNN analysts are going on and on about the New Jersey governor's race, extrapolating what it means in the national scheme of things. One analyst talked about how big an indicator Chris Christie's election is... the fact that a Republican could win the governorship in a liberal state like New Jersey! One analyst even called it "shocking."

Friends, here are the governors of New Jersey since 1982:

1982-1990 - Tom Kean (Republican)
1990-1994 - Jim Florio (Democrat, lost in 1994 in a landslide)
1994-2001 - Christie Whitman (Republican)
2001-2002 - Don DiFrancesco (Republican)
2002-2004 - Jim McGreevey (Democrat, resigned)
2004-2006 - Richard Codey (Democrat)
2006-2010 - Jon Corzine (Democrat)

So, since 1982, in New Jersey, the "unlikely" party managed to hold the governor's office for only 16 years, with no democrat serving two terms.

If Christie winning tonight is "shocking," I can only assume the person - or anyone - saying it has never been to New Jersey.


Bill Lysse said...

Nothing that ever happens in New Jersey will EVER be an indicator of ANYTHING in the United States!! Jersey and South Carolina should merge and form their own country that no one will visit or care about!

Sarie said...

Bill, if only that were true. A ton of commerce takes places in New Jersey, so as much as we might not like visiting there, unfortunately I don't think it's getting annexed anytime soon.

Bill Lysse said...

Sarie, we do not need to annex NJ. We just need to merge it w/ South Carolina and build a bypass around it so we can avoid unless we really need to be there!