Saturday, January 30, 2010

A lot for a 22-hour day...

This morning, I woke up in the Mountain Time Zone. I have since flown back to Eastern. This means my day is only 22 hours long today. But I feel like I have more than a days worth to cover here... but I assure you, all these observations come from today:

  • I never want to hear the phrase "Hey, I forgot something in my hotel room. Can we go back?" This was uttered by some numbskull on the shuttle bus from my hotel to Denver International Airport. Actually, the shuttle served four places on the hotel farm where I was staying. And the driver, who was apparently a nice guy, took him back and we waited five minutes for numbskull to go get whatever he forgot. Fortunately, I had plenty of tie to make my flight. But, seriously... why didn't the driver poll the other passengers? I wanted to turn to this guy and say "Yes, it sucks you forgot something... but get off and get the next shuttle because you're not the only one on this bus with a flight to catch buddy."
  • My dear lord the Denver airport is far away from anything that is actually called Denver. How far? Well, I was told my hotel was 25 minutes outside of downtown and this morning, I saw a sign that said - as we traveled even farther from downtown Denver - "Denver Airport - 9 miles." Just put the airport in Kansas why don't you?
  • I landed in Charlotte into a winter wonderland. Apparently, despite days and days of hype, NCDOT failed to do anything like prepare for snowfall. I got on I-485, the Charlotte beltway, to come home. I may have done just as well driving through the forest. It was clear nothing had been plowed all day. Shameful.
  • Even so, I guess the snow was a good reason for a bunch of local yahoos to "git out the truck!" today. Folks... four-wheel drive is great. I know I enjoyed having it crossing the La Plata Mountains outside Durango on Thursday. You know what though? Four-wheel drive won't save your ass when you're going 55-60 MPH on a solid sheet of ice that NCDOT hasn't decided is worth plowing. I wish I owned a towing company bc I would be rich today dragging these fools out of the median.
That is all.

For now.

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