Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Space Geek

Just came upon this little nugget from (via Yahoo! News) and, I'm such a geek, I thought it outstanding.

Basically, tonight, you'll be able to look into the sky all night and see the planet Venus (just below the moon all night) and - just after sunset - Mercury and Jupiter. NOW for the cool part:

"Venus is so bright you can see it during daylight if you know where to look. Given Venus' proximity to the moon on New Year's Eve, this would be an excellent moment -- just before sunset -- to use the moon to help you find Venus and gain bragging rights for being one of the few people to be able to claim seeing more than one planet during the daytime (Earth being the other one)."

That's pretty flipping cool if you ask me. And what better way to start ringing in the new year by contemplating just how small we all are in this universe and yet we spend our time worrying about money and war most of the time. The universe could care less.

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