Monday, December 22, 2008

Airline WIN

With the conclusion of my flight home from Ft. Lauderdale Friday, I qualified (in four short months) for preferred silver status on US Air. On the US Air homepage this means I get a little silver icon next to my name when I sign in.

In practice it means more. Let's see:

  • First class upgrades. Sure, this is on an as-available basis. But even once in a while would be a treat. And, if Sarah & I travel together it counts for her, too.
  • Reserve choice seats free. US Air charges $10 to sit in the awesome coach seats at the airport. As in you check in and see an awesome seat at the window in an empty row... but you cannot get it unless you pay. Not for me anymore.
  • No checked bag fees. Ever. For me and for Sarah. WIN.
  • Priority security lanes in most US Airways airports.
  • ALWAYS board in Zone 2. This is HUGE. US Airways overhead compartments fill up due to not being big enough on some planes and people being idiots on others. This means virtually never having to store my bag in the bathroom or something.
  • Standby priority and no change fee for standby. A few months ago, I was in Tampa. I had been traveling three straight days. I wanted to be home. I could have gotten onto an earlier flight, except it cost $50. No more!
  • Bonus miles. Every flight, I get 25% bonus in miles. If it's a 1,000-mile flight, I get 1,250. So I get to gold status faster.
I was giggling as I read all this last night. Travel can be hard and it's nice to have some perks... and it's especially nice that those perks will apply to my wife who supports me through all the travel.

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