Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Driving" Me Nuts

I love that I have family and friends that could use a full time job and the government is doing nothing to bail them out, but they're considering handing over billions of dollars to American automakers.

And let's be clear here... if there's one industry that has run a WORSE business than America's banks the past few years, it's our Detroit-based automakers. And these two industries are getting the bulk of the taxpayer-funded bailout? Amazing. It's like "you've done a bad job... congrats! Here's money!"

When I first moved to NYC, I had a car payment. After three months of living there, I opened up the ol' checkbook and realized that if I wanted to have cash, I needed to ditch the car. Like, less than $200 in the checking account. I called mom & dad. Their "bailout" for me, which I found RATHER generous considering I had made some poor decisions was:

1) to give me $100 to handle incidental expenses and
2) to find out who I could sell my car to to pay off the loan

Couldn't have asked for more.

So, anyway, today our automaker CEOs are in D.C. to beg for some coin. They mighty not get it, but to help their cases, instead of taking private jets to D.C. like they did last time, they each drove hybrid vehicles.

This is stupid. It's a 9-hour drive. And, get this... on the highway, hybrids USE GAS! It's when they're stopped that they don't. They save gas by not idling.

No one in these cash-strapped times would make the drive to D.C. from Detroit. They'd fly coach into Reagan and take the Metro into town.

But I suppose that means Mr. CEO would possibly have to sit in a middle seat, next to someone who doesn't think he deserves a bailout. The poor dear.

Simple fact of the matter is my 4-cylinder Camry gets great mileage and has the power of a 6-cylinder engine. Instead of asking for my money, how about y'all build a better car, guys?

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