Friday, February 27, 2009

Investment idea?

A friend was joking that we should all convert our savings accounts into gold. After all, his theory was, what if the value of the dollar just suddenly collapses?

It looks like pretty much every currency is going down right now. So maybe it evens up. But I was thinking that gold might not be such a good investment.

Think about it. What do we use gold for? At this point, decoration. By that I mean jewelry. And tooth fillings.

But that requires people buying it in the long term. My suggestion back to my friend was that we should all just start bottling up clean water. That way, when the economic apocalypse comes, and people start hunting and gathering, we'll have the one commodity everyone needs: clean water. Lots of it.

Unf., from what I can tell, water is not traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Someone's missing out on a gold mine here Or in this case, a spring!

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