Sunday, February 1, 2009

Foreign Relations

The economy is bad, to be sure. There aren't a lot of upsides to that. When you find an upside, I'm of a mind that you take advantage of it.

In this particular case, the upside is that it's dirt cheap to travel overseas right now.

So, Sarah & I are going to exercise our passports in a month. Through the continuing magic of Yahoo! Travel - my go-to for el travel cheapo for several years - we've got flights and a hotel in London starting March 4 (or March if you start when we land).

I've always felt kinda bad... I've been to Europe and Sarah hasn't. I remember never having been there and being around people who had been. It wasn't any fun. It's one of those things that nothing you can say in that conversation is going to be able to hold serve.

Anyhow, for what really looks like bargain pricing, we are going to have a four-night trip. We get to fly directly from Charlotte. I'll get to exercise my new digital SLR in the best way possible. I'll get to smooch my wife at the top of the London Eye.

And the best part... we're going to do our normal thing... pick a bunch of things we want to do, knowing it's unlikely we'll get to them all... and then we'll let every day come and grab us. There will be things we will make sure to do and see, for sure. But we've found the way that works best for us anywhere is to sit back and the city grab you...

That said, please let me know your tips, bargain spots, hook-ups for FA Cup tickets and those sorts of things.

Oh and... the thing I really need are a couple of these.

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