Monday, February 2, 2009

Status: Coming Up With Brilliant Ideas

I have an idea for Facebook. I want to be able to update statuses FOR my friends. I would pay for this... maybe a monthly subscription or something.

I mean, seriously... don't you have that friend that you see their status update pop up and you think it should read "Suchandsuch is a complete idiot?"

Well, dear readers, under my plan, that could happen.

Sure, there would be ramifications. For instance, that friend might not talk to you anymore. And you'd have to figure that out. But what about those "friends" who aren't really friends? Think about it. Do you care if that annoying person from whatever place in your past gets mad that you wrote him/her a status that said "Suchandsuch really needs to start thinking about Rogaine?"

No. You don't.

And think about it. Other people could comment back on the status like "Damn right!"

Anyhow, I think this merits some consideration.

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