Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Since I Owe You One

After that disaster of a Kanye West song the other day, I owe y'all something good.

And good you can have. I came upon A Tribe Called Quest only b/c of The Beastie Boys and always enjoyed Q-Tip, Tribe's "frontman" of sorts.

Anyhow, Tribe is long gone, and Q-Tip was apparently taking the Bush presidency off b/c it's been eight years since we had new material from him. And, man, like another band who took a long break (see: Portishead), it's good to have Tip back.

He keeps things pretty simple on this new disc, The Renaissance, with solid beats, great rapping and special guests that you can love (Raphael Saddiq, Norah Jones...).

Anyhow, here's one that sums it up:

Official - Q--Tip

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