Friday, November 7, 2008

Currently Obsessed With: Fleet Foxes

This has been a grand year for music. My annual roundup of what I thought was the best is coming soon - very soon - and it's a struggle for me. There has been so much good stuff.

Including the emergence of Fleet Foxes. Seattle-based, you would never be able to tell from their sound. I'm one of those people that thinks a California band sounds different than one from Brooklyn. It's the weather. And more seriously, it's the bands that they hang out with from being in one area as opposed to another.

Maybe it's the folksy sound, maybe it's the harmonies. I dunno. But I am obsessed with them and they have been getting me through plane rides.

Try them on for yourself with "Ragged Wood:"
Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes

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Anonymous said...

i love the fleet foxes and they are so great for fall!!!

don't forget duffy in your roundup.