Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Has Been Cancelled

Or, I should say, it seems like it. There's an ad on TV right now during the Steelers game using "Carol of the Bells."

At target today, it was a Christmas wonderland - lights! cards! trees!

And if you turn on K104.7 in Charlotte (this is the "great to listen to in the office" station in town), they have flipped the switch to "Christmas K104.7."

I imagine I'll see a semi on the Interstate with reindeer horns soon enough.

I bitch about this every year - as those who followed the old blog are well aware - but that's because it never ceases to be ridiculous. I realize life isn't all that great for some folks right now, but... really? We have so little to give thanks for that we're skipping any Thanksgiving promotion in favor of skipping right to Christmas?

I'm sure in a few weeks, we'll start hearing the local churchgoers imploring everyone to "keep Christ in Christmas." Can I start my own lobby to have Christmas kept in December?

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