Thursday, November 6, 2008

What? No glass of milk?

I have to wean myself from room service when I travel. It's expensive. And, while we don't talk about work on the blog, I think everyone can agree that delivery charges, automatic inflated gratuity and such is no way to go.

So, this evening, I went to the hotel restaurant. I had though about driving to Ybor City or even out to the Gulf, but really, no need. So downstairs I went.

When I dine alone, I usually sit at the bar. There are TVs to look at, so you've got the ultimate small-talk escape route. Annoying person next to you wants to talk? "Dude, I'm watching the game." Also, you get great service at the bar. The waiter may have 10 tables to deal with. The barkeep has you.

You also get weirdos. Like the guy who ended up sitting next to me. Also alone. He must come here often because the bartender knew exactly what he wanted. And that was a scotch on the rocks... and a hot Tazo tea. Because, when I want a scotch, I always think, now if only I had some Earl Grey.

He was talking to the bartender about how he still can't sleep, but how this helps. OK, then...


Julia said...

It's like a hot toddy! My favorite drink for the sniffles.

Arden Elizabeth said...

i love the hotel bar when i travel. but, i also get the strangers - so I take a book. book and a beer-that's normal, right?

Jen said...

Yay! I'm linking you!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. I hate eating alone.

I also hate mixing tea with toddies. Who does that?